Sochi – February 20 – double gold

W Hockey Final – Canada vs. USA

With local Sochi temperatures hovering around 18 degrees celsius, we started our day with a little suntanning on the deck of our cruise ship. Following this we departed the Black Sea for our daily routine trek to Olympic park, which includes a 3km walk to the train station, a subsequent 10 minute train ride and then another 2 km walk across Olympic park, all just to get to a location that is approximately 500 meters from where we are docked – annoying!

Upon arrival at Olympic Park we attended a VIP reception put on by Canadian Tire and settled into Canada Olympic House, with a packed crowd including some unexpected Dutch and German speedskating visitors, to watch Jennifer Jones skip our ladies to golden victory.

Then it was off to the main event. The highly anticipated (and expected) Gold Medal final with the US Women’s Hockey team. Well you all know what happened there, but our group attributes the win to a lone Canadian woman, not Jenner, Szabados, or even Poulin (although they had a great deal to do with it) but a single fan from BC. At the end of the 2nd period and trailing 2-0, a new fan arrived in our section with unparalleled energy and enthusiasm. She called upon the Canadian crowd to ‘believe Canada believe’ and even turned a local hockey chant “Shaybu” into a hometown version “Shaybu Canada”. This enthusiasm began to spread and before you knew it an entire rink, including the Russians, were chanting our women onto victory!

Post event and celebration, it occurred to the boys that the ship’s buffet closes at 2am. A 45 minute race, including a final 500m sprint, had us up there for 1:58am, and in time for a very late well deserved dinner.

All in all, a Double Gold day!

– Sean

4 thoughts on “Sochi – February 20 – double gold

  1. Hey,
    Hope your having a great time. I swear I saw you and your friends on TV.You had Canadian sweaters or jackets and two of the woman in front of you were canadian hockey players .One was the goalie playing against Switzerland.Not sure if you even noticed who they were. Let me know if you were using your security powers again?

  2. Hello Falcons!
    What a proud day for Canada. I’m glad you were able to experience both the curling and hockey golden wins today!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. You did very well, in supporting the canadian women!!!
    I hope that tomorrow, you will finish the job!!!
    Big brother will be watching you!!! And in Russia there are many brothers!!
    You seem to live on a nice ship, are you on a cruise??
    Take care,
    Raymond (Lionel’s dad)

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