Sochi – February 19 – Men’s hockey QF day

M hockey QF – Canada vs. Latvia

We feel that a whimsical game like Canada vs. Latvia requires whimsical attire. Look for the Falcons wearing the powder blues today.

(post-game edit)

That wasn’t whimsical at all! After the Russians lost their QF to Finland, the mood at Olympic Park completely changed. The crowd was extremely pro-Latvia, but thankfully, Team Canada pulled it off.

The day started with a USA vs. Canada ball hockey game in front of the USA and Canada houses. Gary Bettman dropped the faceoff “puck” and longtime NHL official Terry Gregson officiated the game. It ended in a hard-fought 5-5 tie.

We started the day in current edition Team Canada hockey jerseys. The Canada House gift shop let us store the powder blue blazers until it was time to change into them for the evenings hockey game. Seeing Kerry retrieve our blazers from the gift shop (photo below) was a great moment.

5 thoughts on “Sochi – February 19 – Men’s hockey QF day

  1. Thanks for the news, I appreciate a lot.
    I thought the last minute of game would never end.
    Go Canada and keep enjoying , you all deserve it.
    Suzanne V.

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