Sochi – February 17 – trip to the mountains

Our day included a trip to the mountain venues at Krasnaya Polyana, ¬†getting lost on various gondola lifts, and then eventually ending up at the women’s semi-final hockey game.

2 thoughts on “Sochi – February 17 – trip to the mountains

  1. Hey Kerry (and guys) did you try the Baskin&Robin ???
    Probably not but the Guinness YESS !!
    Looks like you guys are having a great time.
    Be safe and keep the pictures coming.


  2. Hi guys,
    Are you drinking pure vodka from those metal cans?
    You better be prepared for the semis, our hockey team will need lots of luck!
    Take care and continue to make your great pictures available!
    Lionel’s dad

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