Torino Olympics wrap up…and the magazine

The Torino Olympics are over. It was an amazing time for us and for Team Canada in general. Torino (or Turin if you may – although Torino sounds better) is a spectacular city, with perhaps the best collision of geography, food, and culture on earth, and I’m not kidding. Check it…

  • Torino is nestled in the Italian Alps, surrounded by beautiful mountains
  • on the banks of the river Po, with astounding architecture spanning many centuries
  • the car capital of Europe, home of Fiat and Alpha Romeo
  • located in Piedmont region of Italy, famous for Barolo, Barbaresco, and sparkling Asti wines. And speaking of Italy, it’s also a place known for pretty good pasta, pizza, and gelato.
  • the home of Juventus – one of Europe’s most storied soccer clubs
  • has an astounding number of chocolate makers, and is the birthplace of bicerin, a glorious chocolate-coffee beverage

Mountains, food, wine, chocolate, cars, sports…it’s basically an adult fantasy land. Thank you Torino.

On my flight home I found a Macleans magazine tucked into my seat pocket. It had Cindy Klassen on the cover, and a photo of the 4 Falcons on the inside. A perfect way to wrap up our Olympic experience.

Macleans - Cindy Klassen - March 2016
Macleans – Cindy Klassen – March 2016

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