Torino – February 25 – Going out with a bang, and the birth of Falcons Security

Our final full day in Torino started off innocently enough…chilling in Canada House, and reflecting on a tremendously successful winter games for Canada. Then things changed.

We started hearing talk about a party going down that evening for the curlers. The men had won the gold the evening before, while the women won the bronze a couple of days earlier. The party was going to take place at BC House – a giant log home built in British Columbia that was transported and assembled in downtown Torino.

A large group from Canada House, including the curlers and their families, was going to take the 10 minute walk through the streets of Torino over to BC House for the party. One of the curler’s mom looked at us in our 1920 Winnipeg Falcons jerseys, and asked us if we could escort the ladies over to BC House through the streets of downtown Torino. We took on the task, partied the night away with the victorious curlers, and forever became “Falcons Security”.

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